Create Video Lyrics by Hovering Lyrics Along the Play

Start Creating

Listen to the song and follow the lyrics as the music plays

Find the song over Youtube

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To create a lyrics video you need a music tracks first. Go over Youtube, copy the video page address from the address bar and paste it on Hoverlyrics.

Hover the lyrics during play

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As original video loads on maker editor pane, click play and starts hovering the loaded lyrics text.

Customize and download

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Once job is done, move to the preview page and customize video background. Once you are satisfied with your creation, download it, share it and enjoy it offline.

Making a lyrics video has never been so easy

Find here a demo where Andre visually explains the easy steps to follow for having your first video made. Our service is completely free of charge, works on every platform (Windows, MacOSX, Linux) and browser and it's growing a community of happy users :)